Wednesday, December 31, 2008

HaPPy New Year!!

welcome 2009! and i wish all of you a happy new year and thank you for those involved or too involved in my private life in 2008!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Why the long face Katy Perry ? (another meaningless post)

The “Hot n Cold” singer dressed in green, is spending the festive period in Mexico with her boyfriend Travis McCoy lead singer of Gym Class Heroes.However she didn't appear to be enjoying herself and could barely manage a smile despite her attentive beau's attempts to cheer her up.

Cheer up Katy!

Look how pretty she is when she smiles =p haha

Her latest single- thinking of you

Amazing Local Talents

These three women below are effin’ AMAZING! I’m absolutely amazed we have local talents with extraordinary voice like them :

  1. Yuna

Lullaby. Her songs soothe the mind naturally. If you ever have depression, feeling exhausted, feeling helpless or hopeless or maybe very serious case of sleeping disorder,(=p) her songs can take those away. Her songs are too awesome not to be included in your ipod hehe

Visit her myspace

  1. Najwa

Dia ada soul!if you don’t know how she looks like and just listen to her song without knowing who the singer is u might think she’s not a Malaysian singer. She sounds awesome in Malique’s song “kau yang punya” and she sounds even better in her own song “your love”.

Visit her myspace

  1. Kokaina a.k.a Zee Avi

For me, she is simply the best.Jack Johnson decided to buy her song for “no Christmas for me” should tell you sumtin. And now she’s under Jack Johnson’s record label. (Brushfire Records). For some reasons, she choose not to show her face

in almost all of her videos. She said “it's because i would like viewers to focus more on the songs and not have the attention shifted elsewhere. This also practices both your and my skills to spot emotions that a song is trying to evoke.” She’s Cool eh?

A package of charm, soul , and words.

Visit her myspace

Watch her videos

..with amazing local talent like these, yoey said-“tak perlu agi dgr corine, norah or billie” hehe

U are right yoey!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

i wanted you

one of the nicest song i ever heard.i can listen to it over and over again.
"i wanted you by ina"

lyrics here
boy version here

Lying is Part of Our Life-oh betulkah?

Lying is part of our human behavior

Ada forgivable lies and ada unforgivable lies.

Forgiveable lies= good intention

unforgivable lies= bad intention

Mase kecik-kecik ramai yang ajar "lying is wrong"

Bila dah besar lying is something we hear and tell almost everyday

owh tibe-tibe emo petang ni haha

this song below is to complete this post

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

photoshop- Blue Eyes Blue

ok,ramai yang tanyer, the girl kat my bANNer tu mmg ade blue eyes or diblue kan? well obviously la gambar tu dah retouched :D.... and they also ask me how do you do it? Its photoshop my friend, photoshop. Since its christmast, and i got nothing to do this morning. So here's a quick guide utk colourkan the eyes. Bahan experiment kite untuk hari ni adalah Leighton Meester a.k.a Blair Cornelia Waldorf from Gossip Girl (notes: mata blair dah memang dark, so i have to fill it with some color first before editing the hue/saturation ctrl+u. so if mata tu originally dah cerah, u can skip that filling step :) ) ok so thats it for now. More tutorials to come hehe
you know you hate me. XOXO

click to download this tutorial video(better quality)

How i Met Your mother season 4,gossip girl season 2

gossip girl s2e1
gossip girl s2e2
gossip girl s2e3
gossip girl s2e4
gossip girl s2e5
gossip girl s2e6
gossip girl s2e7
gossip girl s2e8
gossip girl s2e9
gossip girl s2e10
gossip girl s2e11
gossip girl s2e12
gossip girl s2e13

how i met your mother S4E01
how i met your mother S4E02
how i met your mother S4E03
how i met your mother S4E04
how i met your mother S4E05
how i met your mother S4E06
how i met your mother S4E07
how i met your mother S4E08
how i met your mother S4E09
how i met your mother S4E10
how i met your mother S4E11

hottest women of 2008 (another meaningless post)

Ok its end of the year and people keep talking bout the year of 2008. I had breakfast with my friends this morning and we talked bout the same things and came up with few list of I came up with this list for my hottest women of 2008. haha

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

dirty sexy money season 1 & 2

this is the show that i talked bout in previous post. more episodes to come

Dirty Sexy Money S1E01 (adrive)

Dirty Sexy Money S1E02 (adrive)

Dirty Sexy Money S1E03 (adrive)

Dirty sexy Money S1E04

Dirty sexy money s1E05
dirty sexy money S1E06
Dirty Sexy Money S1E07
Dirty Sexy money S1e08
DIrty Sexy money S1e09
dirTy Sexy Money s1e10 season 1 finale

Pushing Daisies

ok, honestly i don't really watch this show but some people like it. Sadly ABC has canceled this show together with "dirty sexy money" and "eli stone". WHY? i don't really care if they wanna cancel Pushing daisies...but not dirty sexy money. Cuz i thinks DSM is my 3rd favorite show of the year behind Heroes and Prison break, oh there is CHUck, so it's 4th. No wait, I forgot about Big Bang Theory, That makes DSM my 5th FavoritE tv Shows hehe

pushing daisies season 1

pushing daisies S1E01

pushing daisies S1E02

pushing daisies S1E03

pushing daisies S1E04

pushing daisies S1E05

pushing daisies S1E06

pushing daisies S1E07

pushing daisies S1E08

pushing daisies S1E09

PUSHING DaiSieS season 1 complete

Pushing DaisIes season 2

pushing daisies S2E01

pushing daisies S2E02

pushing daisies S2E03

pushing daisies S2E04

pushing daisies S2E05

pushing daisies S2E06

pushing daisies S2E07

pushing daisies S2E08

pushing daisies S2E09

2nd Post : I Effin' Hate Manchester United

-THE enD-

What is This?

So today i posted a blog..again.So stop asking, "do u have a blog?" "apesal x buat blog?" "eh dah bace blog aku?komenla?" ok now i'm *confused*. What does the word blog even mean? well i guess my blog description dah answered that question. A bit about me, the name is asrulqueresma and i don't really like writing i just like to read 'em. So, since i don't really know what to write in here, i put on some of my favorites Tv shows for you guys to download for free! yeay!